DOSELEC rénovation

Give a new breath
to your packaging machine!

Don’t get rid of your old machine, your operators and technicians knows her inside out.

Doselec can give her a second life!

Regardless the manufacturer, we propose a wide panel of services for fillers, FS or FFS machines. Doselec guarantees high quality services, from a simple upgrade to the complete revamping of a second-hand machine.

Second hand machines can be provided by the customer or taken from Doselec’s in stock machines.

Depending on the stakes of your project, the state of the machine and your budget, we’ll give you an objective opinion on the appropriateness of the operations to be conducted.

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We supply a large range of services:

  • Machine, workstations and environment overhaul,
  • Addition of a workstation or function, for example an automatic cup, lid or cap loader, decontamination integration,
  • New format adaptation,
  • Obsolete automatism replacement,

Performances increasing by replacing the sensitive mechanical motions by servomotors or an automation upgrade.


  • FFS : Arcil, Erca,
  • – FS : Hamba, Ermi, Remi, Ampack, Stork, Gasti, Benhil