DOSELEC machines

for your own size

Your machine will have several lives…
In our days, a machine will be reconditioned or upgraded several times, knowing that fact, it’s important to think a versatile and flexible design. Our customers are able to follow the evolution of the consumers’ tastes , the competitors and the environmental issues. Emanating from the merger with Falaise-Conditionnement, Doselec conceives rotary and inline packaging machines since 1991, producing up to 55 000 cups per hour, with large range of cups made of plastic, glass, cardboard, earthen or other materials. Our machines are simple and robust, we use the best of the modern technology to offer you flexibility, ergonomics and performance.

Reliability          l          Ergonomics          l          Versatility


Fast start-up, flexible, easy to use, this machine with simple mechanical drive insures small productions for different recipes and formats. This machine manages plastic or cardboard preformed cups with diameters from 48 to 116mm and 30 to 500g dose. We can integrate up to 3 fillers with 8, 12 or 16 stops configuration. The production capacity goes from 1 500 to 12 000 cups per hour. We are able to integrate different decontamination or sealing solutions based on ultra clean design under laminar flow.


Intended for modest productions, the FC-L500 series is an alternative to rotary machines. This range allows to launch a product with a small capital investment, while having the advantages of a Doselec inline machine: workstation layout, ergonomics and scalability. This range, devoid of complex automatism, runs entirely by mechanical movements with motors or pneumatic cylinders. It allows fast repairs by non-expert staff. Up to 3 fillers for a production from 1 500 to 8 000 cups per hour.

LINEAR MACHINE FCL 1000 / FCL 2000 / FCL 3000 / FCL 4000

High performance range, runs entirely by servomotors for a 24/7 duty. Ultra-clean design, under HEPA laminar flow. The production capacity goes from 7 000 to 55 000 cups per hour with 10 to 1 000g dose and all kind of preformed containers. We can integrate up to 7 fillers for multiple recipes on the machine. Modern and reliable kinematics. Ergonomics and versatility designed by and for the operators. Machine configuration from 4 to 48 lanes fitted to the recipes you wish to produce.


Doselec conceives innovative packaging machines and custom made workstations with the simple and cunning ideas of our engineers. We propose innovating industrial solutions answering your specific needs in the field of the food packaging systems. Our organization allows us to realize developments on projects, with the support of our project pilot. For each application, we employ the appropriate technology or we integrate the proven solutions of the market. These machines could be R&D prototypes or mass production units.