DOSELEC générique

I fit
my existing equipment

UYou need a new filler or a new workstation on an existing packaging line?
No problems! We are able to transform your equipment to fit your new needs.

Doselec provides a unique expertise in custom made integration on your existing line. We integrate our fillers, automatic loaders and other systems on all packaging lines with Doselec’s known performance and operating costs benefits.

Intégration          l          Performance          l          Reliability

For example :

  • Filler or other system replacement that doesn’t fit your needs,
  • Adaptation to a different product or packaging,
  • Ergonomics or performance improvement

Taking into account the different constraints, we will direct you towards the most judicious solution.

Filler integration

  • Autonomous filler on a new machine,
  • As a replacement for filling improvements: better accuracy, product losses, operating costs, Sharpness… Return on investment guaranteed with these improvements.,

Additional filling : Fruit on bottom, topping or other multi-layer…

Additional function integration

  • Automatic loader: cups, lids or caps,
  • Decontamination stations : UV, H2O2, Pulsed light

Our expertise

  • Consideration of integration constraints,
  • Orientation towards adapted reliable technical choices,
  • Custom made design and prototyping possibilities,

Robust and reliable solutions for 24/7 operating