DOSELEC doseurs

Offer to your product
a filler which respects its value!

Your consumers are demanding, we also are with our equipments.
Deeply anchored in our genes, Doselec’s filling expertise will define the appropriate system for your project. Involving more than 30 different existing filling technologies, we are also able to create a custom made filler if your application requires it. We’ll design the most appropriate solution regarding to all specifications (product, layout, factory restrictions …) to integrate it on your packaging line, such as filling, FFS thermoforming, doy pack or other kinds of machine. We run at speeds up to 60 strokes per minute.

  • On a new packaging line ordered without the fillers,
  • Existing filler replacement,
  • Additional filler for a new product on an existing machine.

Hygiene          l          Filling accuracy and sharpness          l          Reduced operating costs


With his versatility, Doselec volumetric dosing system covers a wide spectrum of applications. You will put your trust in his performances with regard to its accuracy and his respect of the product, and in terms of long operating lifetime even with products containing achenes.

  • Doser from 1 to 32 lanes up to 50 strokes per minute,
  • Optimal accuracy of 0.3g on doses of 125g,
  • Easy maintenance regarding the quick dismantling of the pumps in a few minutes.

This technology is ideal for the following applications: Brewed yoghurt, fruit preparation, butter, desserts or any liquid to viscous products, with or without pieces.

Flow meter filler – DS-Q

The flow-metering technology strengths are undisputable: easy to use, quick to clean, and requires minimum maintenance. This dosing system is suitable for liquid products from 1 to approx. 2000 cPo, for clean, ultraclean or sterile applications.

  • For machines from 1 to 48 lanes up to 55 strokes per minute,
  • Custom-made nozzles: dripless, anti-splash, anti-foam, against icicles formation…,
  • 0.3g accuracy on a 125g dose and extended production time between two CIP

Various applications: set yoghurt, cold pudding, beverages or other liquids.

The performances reached by Doselec on this filling technology is the result of hard work and expertise on every single elements.


The more the flavours are concentrated, the more it costs. For this kind of application, Doselec proposes a stepped piston filler which guaranties great reliability on doses on the low volume range, generally between 0,1 and 1 ml.

  • Autonomous mobile unit from 1 to 48 heads, single or several flavors
  • Direct filling inside the cups or in-line injection, 0.02ml accuracy on 5ml doses,
  • Individual priming without loss and reversible pumps to recover the product in the pipes when the production ends or before cleaning

Various applications: : aroma, ferment, rennet, vitamins


The recipe with a sauce layer in the bottom of the cup or a topping requires a simple system, with not much mechanics. Our sauce dosing system presents a value for money adapted to this kind of application.
Generally pneumatic, it can also be servomotor controlled.

  • The filler can be designed from 1 to 32 heads,
  • 0,3g accuracy on 25g doses,
  • This filler is a compact unit, easy to use and with minimum maintenance.

Applications: Fruit sauce, chocolate sauce, toffee, honey or other topping


The Doselec mousse dosing system has been specially developed to take care of your vulnerable products. This “closest to the pots” configuration allows an excellent accuracy of the doses even when restarting after a machine stop.

  • Embeded filler from 4 to 12 heads suitable for product aeration up to 400%,
  • Ultra-Hygienic design dedicated to sensitive products, neutral pH,
  • The accuracy is 0.55g on 120g doses.

Applications: chantilly decoration, fruit mousse, ganache, whites in snow, liégeois or other aired product


Because every product has specific characteristics, each integration process can be different and every customer has his requirements. Doselec proposes custom-made systems with the most appropriate technology.

More than 30 dosing systems developed: mono product dosing, multi-layer, co-dosing, swirl, coating, topping, stuff in the center…
Adaptation and integration to the environment, existing or new as a replacement of an existing filler or in additional on a machine. High value-added products. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!!